Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages of the BioFlex System compared to other products

It should be noted that the BioFlex System has a significant number of features differentiating it from other products. The most important are:

1. Scientifically developed and clinically researched protocols for application in the treatment of specific disease entities
2. The ability to customize treatment, an invaluable component unique in the industry
3. The highly effective three stage therapeutic approach
4. A wide variety of adjustable treatment parameters permitting an almost infinite number of permutations and combinations of protocol selection
5. Flexible large surface treatment arrays
6. Anatomical tutor (normal & pathology oriented)
7. Hands-free treatment utilization
8. Total accuracy, flexibility and reproducibility
9. Effective in over 90% of patients treated
10. Operation in both portable and stationary mode with all systems
11. Clinical User’s Manual protocols effective in over 70% of patients treated; customization is designed to improve/cure the remainder of the patient population
12. Ongoing protocol updates that are easily incorporated into existing software
13. Safety features ensuring completely safe operation at all times
14. Sensors are incorporated in each BioFlex probe and array to indicate activity
15. Laser probes can only be activated if probe is in contact with tissue (prevents potential ocular damage)
16. Instant electronic retrieval of patient files
17. Permanent database including all aspects of patient information (i.e. diagnosis, therapeutic dosage, billing records, etc.)
18. The BioFlex System is designed not only to provide therapy but also to facilitate “clinical research” by therapists (i.e. develop new protocols)

It should be noted that in over one million individual applications to date, a 90% significant improvement/cure rate has been achieved. Moreover throughout this process, no adverse effects have been observed. In applying the current standard of evidence-based medicine, it is clear that this System is the most advanced and sophisticated therapeutic device currently available on a global basis.

The ability to prescribe over an almost infinite range of parameters makes the System unique. For example, if there are several areas of dermatological pathology in the same patient, one can initiate treatments based on standard protocols, utilizing a different approach for each individual area. This quickly allows the therapist to determine the most effective protocol application, with variations based on genetic and environmental influences. The process, referred to as “customization”, accommodates a variety of factors, some of which may be unknown. In essence, this feature permits a balanced therapeutic approach, particularly when the standard
therapy is less than effective or plateaus.

In contrast, today’s pharmacological practice prescribes the same dose of medication to the 250 lb. male and the 90 lb. female. It should be evident to anyone that this is inappropriate, yet most prescriptions are dispensed in this fashion. By comparing the rationale and elegance of the laser approach, one can easily comprehend the logic for individualization of therapeutic protocols. Unquestionably, this is one of the most important aspects of effective therapy.

In summary, we have attempted to delineate some of the more important characteristics that differentiate the Bioflex Systems from other devices.