Mission Statement

  • Individually and collectively, we are committed to innovation and excellence.
  • We provide comprehensive services in a nurturing, caring, open environment where all┬ápeople are respected.
  • We provide solutions which promote physical healing, including the absence of pain, to eliminate the need for drugs, to restore mobility, improve the quality of life and to reduce the need for surgical intervention.
  • We offer highly specialized professional knowledge and techniques.
  • We provide leadership within the wellness community.
  • We provide current, diverse and comprehensive educational information to individuals and groups within the community, including health professionals.

Value Statement

  • We value honesty and integrity, in all things.
  • We value the innate potential of each other.
  • We value life energy and the healing powers of nature.
  • We value love and compassion.
  • We value the process of transformation.
  • We value our own and each other’s gifts.
  • We value our interdependent working relationships as practitioners.
  • We value the unique strengths of the individual, the family and the community.

We have purposely kept our fees below typical laser therapy fees in order to assist you in affording treatment. Please contact us for more info.